BlitzWolf Smart Camera IP BW-SHC2 WiFi, 1080p BW-SHC2

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Blitzwolf BW-SHC2 Intelligent Security
Camera Blitzwolf BW-SHC2 Intelligent Indoor Security Camera equipped with motion sensor helps you take better care of your home security. Full HD resolution and 3 monitoring modes let you see everything better and more clearly. You can also link the product with an app and other smart devices. The camera supports 2-way audio and enhanced H.265 encoding standard, and allows you to save recordings to a TF card or the cloud.

You see everything clearly
The camera rotates 350° and the tilt angle can change 90°. The device is also equipped with a 2.5x digital zoom. All this in combination with the 1080p resolution guarantees excellent image quality and ensures that you can clearly see everything that is happening in your home.

See what the app has to offer
Pair your camera with the app and access images from up to 4 cameras simultaneously. You can also use the app to play and download recorded video. It is also possible to take screenshots. The camera supports 2-way audio - from the application you can also access the intercom function.

Accurate motion sensor
The BW-SHC2 also has a motion sensor. It automatically detects moving people and follows them. In turn, it sends you an appropriate notification in the app. Whether you are at home or away, you are always immediately informed about all suspicious situations.

Different monitoring modes for every moment of the day
The device offers 3 monitoring modes. The infrared night vision mode provides clear images up to 8-10 m in the dark. This is made possible by the built-in LED lighting. This way you can also see what is happening in your house at night. White light mode and automatic shift mode are also available.

Store even more content
The BW-SHC2 allows you to save recorded images to the cloud or TF card. With the improved H.265 encoding standard, finished files take up to 50% less storage space. So you can easily save recorded video.

Mount it wherever you want
The practical design makes it easy to install the device anywhere in the house. You can place the camera on a flat surface. You can also mount it on the wall or ceiling. Place it wherever you want and make sure nothing is hidden from you.

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